Although technically not a dependency, BEASTling is pretty useless without BEAST installed. The config files generated by BEASTling are only compatible with BEAST versions 2.x.y. They will not work with old BEAST 1.x.y installations.

The latest versions of BEAST 2 are dependent upon Java version 1.8, so it’s a good idea to update your Java installation before you install BEAST.

Many of the config files generated by BEASTling will make use of features which are not a part of the BEAST core, but rather are implemented in packages. Managing packages is fairly straightforward using the Beauti GUI. To save headaches, you should install the BEAST_CLASSIC, BEASTlabs and morph-models packages before you do anything with BEASTling to avoid confusion.

Installation methods

BEASTling is installed using the script in the root of the repository. Installation will look something like this:

$ git clone
$ cd BEASTling
$ sudo python ./ install

This will install an executable beastling, which should be put somewhere in your default PATH, so you can run it from the command line simply by typing beastling and hitting enter.

Everything else

Coming soon!